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Dr. Jacqueline Ann Majors, M.D.

Experience & Dependability

Every single patient that I treat, begins with understanding the patients lifestyle. Every detail can help save a persons life and I believe that a personalized approach can reveal many of my decisions for vein treatment.

I utilize my expertise over the past 25 years having performed thousands of emergency cases of vascular surgery and pre scheduled procedures. My outcomes are closely tracked, and our data illustrates our results.

Dr. Jacqueline Majors overall satisfaction rating on Google for her vascular health services

Dr. Phillip T. Zeni, Jr., M.D., FSIR

Experience & Dependability

Dr. Phillip Zeni is a double board-certified Interventional Radiologist with over twenty years of experience serving thousands of patients in the greater Memphis metropolitan area. The founder and medical director of Zenith Vascular & Fibroid Center and No Knee Pain organization.

Dr. Zeni's overall satisfaction rating on Google for over 20 years of vascular health services

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