Compression sock Doff N’ Donner Combo


Special Feature Gets compression stockings on, as well as off. Removes wrinkles without gloves.
Number of Pieces 2
Recommended Uses For Product Tight compression stockings
Color Blue “Sleeve”, Black “Cone” With Suction and Lever.


  • -Perfect for Caregivers and many Compression Patients for compression stocking Application & Removal -Helps glide a tight Compression stocking over bandages or naked leg easily -Eliminates need for donning gloves -Video training information included with product

Combo Pack contains two pieces: Doff N' Donner "Sleeve" (blue piece) + Doff N' Donner "Cone" (tall black with in). This tool should only be ordered with the advice of a therapist or health care provider. There is a learning curve with this method. Manufacturer training and support is provided for all caregivers (information in package). NOTE: Doff N' Donner method will not work for pantyhose (thigh and knee length compression stockings only...closed or open toe). RESTRICTION: Not for patients with foot or calf measurements larger than 25 in. circumference. IMPORTANT: Most elderly patients will still need caregiver assistance.

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Weight 3.59 kg

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